For Soccerman: Ottos vs India

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For Soccerman: Ottos vs India

Post by Killahsquirrel »

Quick game, like 8 and a half minutes. I stopped playing after a while :-P
I go for a simple Jan rush, he goes Sowar raid and then I'm not sure xD.
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Re: For Soccerman: Ottos vs India

Post by Soccerman771 »

Ok, you spanked that guy, good job. 8)

That said, this is what you need to improve:
1. Pick your deck at the start that way you can choose your first card outright when the shipment comes.
2. If you're going to use the initial wood to build a tp, go straight to do that.
3. Keep your explorer moving. This guy was dumb enough to not build an FB. Had he done that and massed any kind of army you'd have been in trouble IMO.
4. You used your tc to move vils effectively. Good job.
5. You had wood for houses or a second rax, but didn't build one. The extra XP could really come in handy.
6. Shift-click your vils. That way you don't have to go back to your tc to get them to do what you want them to do.
7. I think you could get away with being a little more aggressive in building your fb. Put it a little more forward. You'd keep him off the middle of the resource-heavy middle.
8. Spread your houses out. He has to walk further to take them down and it gives you more line-of-sight if he gets close to your tc.

All that said, you have very solid game play. You had constant military production and never got housed. Don't forget that you can build a market for eco upgrades.

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