Port/German Turtle Smash!?!

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Port/German Turtle Smash!?!

Post by TheRam »

Okay, me and Choco are working on a strat currently which involves port/german, and the use of both teutonic town centre and both teams colonial militia (however german doesn't always need it)
We, however - want help! Any advice you could give, try keep in mind we're playing at around 1st Luit -> Captain levels at the moment with our other strats and beating them, so nothing too obvious ;P

Okay, currently I play Ports, and the bare basics to remember (so far) when doing this strat is that it really puts down a rush.
Standard port discovery, 12-13 villagers, depending on treasures etc.
Age up with 500 food politician.
FIRST CARD: Colonial Militia.
Age up with the 500 Food politcian, keep everyone on food until you've gathered about 700-900 and then move enough coin to have 300 by the time your second shipment arrives.
AGE 2:
The aim, is of course to micro your economy so you have the fastest fortress possible.. any excess resource of food or coin should be invested in settlers, or kept as a gold stockpile - because you might have to call for 15 minutemen to your second TC, in the event of a heavy rush.
SECOND CARD: 700 Coin.
SECOND TOWNCENTRE- Okay, with this you want to put it aggressively, the goal here is to act as a 'bait' for rushers, if you put it in a triangle position, pointing towards your enemies from yours and your team mates base. It acts as a forward base in future, and provides good LOS for the centre of the map once you've hit age 3, get it up ASAP as a quick rush might catch is near the end of it being built, but that's very unlikely.
AGE 3: You have two choices, either the 400 wood politician, for a few quick houses and a barracks, or 6 cassadores if you're getting heavily rushed and haven't got time to establish a barracks (Note: Never use the messenger, you generally wont have a card spare so it's not worth aging with no barracks wood at hand or 6 healthy cassadores).
THIRD CARD: 8 Cassadores/5 Dragoons/Fort
Get your third TC on some hunts but not far from your first or second, and get a fort to establish a well protected base (I would most likely recommend putting it near your 2nd Town Centre, as it will act as a barracks if you aged with 6 cassadores, and means your german friends FB will be safer, here you will (with your german team mate aswell) have your half of the map controlled, very effectively, and if you just put down a rush you will have a huge economic advantage. From here it is game sense, try to maintain constant villager production from as many TCs are possible, the settler count soon becomes massive when you have 70 something and everyone else has about 40 tops.
REMEMBER PORTS: You are, to an extent - bait in the early game, your first TC can and will sometimes die, but by the time this is done the German generally has enough to counter what little is left, and you will still have aged and had an array of counter units to ship for, work WITH your team mate and complement.

Adapt, here's some basic tips card-wise that will help you win.
Improved Buildings, if you're being taken down or they are constantly aggroing you in colonial, and you have spare XP, through treasures, or TPs or whatever - Improved buildings can help your Teutonic mega TCs get off many more shots, killing more enemies, and it will boost your forts effectively.
Advanced Arsenal, as my german friend (chocosanta) generally will go for skirms/ulhan/cannon it can be very effective for me to distribute my food heavy economy in a manner that allows me to spam muskets, once you hit age 4 the upgrades are stunning for them, and an extra .5 speed, 20% more hand attack and extra damage/hitpoints across the board can be incredible helpful.
5 Mamelukes, mass LI, enough said. These can turn a game, get your vills on gold and get these puppies out, similarly with Samurai and mass cav rushes, but Ronin are flawed due to their succeptibility to LI, and lack of horses to run away on.

I'm hoping to get some input on what might be beneficial, and maybe Choco can put his basic BO.
I haven't seen any strats online that use this in the same manner, so if it's been done then... well okay.

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