Starting to play the Germans - Any tips?

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Starting to play the Germans - Any tips?

Post by Hydrovert5 »

Usually, I'm known to play the Dutch, Ottomans, British, and Spanish, but when I saw the VOD from Parfait and he played the germans, it made me realise that the Germans have a very good combination of units in colonial. 9 Xbows is a good shipment in itself, but when you combine Uhlans to that force, it's very destructive.

So I ask you guys, are there any tips that you can give me for the Germans, such as how many standard settlers to age with (as well as 3 starting SW and 2 from shipment)

(I know that 1 SW = 2 vills.)
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Re: Starting to play the Germans - Any tips?

Post by Navarone_Guy »

Well, the biggest thing to know is that xbows + uhlans = win.

Just annoy the crap out of him now that uhlans are the best raiders in the game again.

Card order:
2 SW
9 xbows + 2 uhlans
and then 5 uhlans/3 SW/3 dopps/700 gold. It's up to you.
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Re: Starting to play the Germans - Any tips?

Post by huGGy »

You can ship 3SW as well as your 2nd card. Depends on your strat and your opponents civ.

First age up with 400 wood and 17 vills (pop), second with 6 skirms or this guy with the fast fortress.

Just spam some xbows, some less pikes (for horses or for siege) and switch to uhlans later on. Then just spam xbows and uhlans or age up and spam skirms and uhlans (+ shipments).

But you will face some tough match ups, cause xbows don't really counter a musket spam.
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