Level 28 vs Me

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Level 28 vs Me

Post by MrChristy »

Bassically I get pwned I just wanted to post it so you guys can tell me how to improve :D
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Re: Level 28 vs Me

Post by KingKaramazov »

Play more rated, first of all. :P
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Re: Level 28 vs Me

Post by I__CHAOS__I »

you started with a market and found 30 coin from the start, I'd gather 20 more with 2 vils to do hunting dog upgrade asap

on maps with no TP's, I prefer building a longhouse with the wood and using the travois for a farm, it's a nice xp boost and useful too.
(if you plan on tommy rushing, ingnore this)

try getting more hunts closer

you moved in too soon, you should have waited for your musket riders and keep your chief behind your troops.

use attack dance in big fights and fertility when you need to mass quickly

and finally, dont hunt with 13 vils next to your ennemy's TC ;)
13 = bad karma :P

hope it helps you mate

and you did lot's of good stuff too, but i guess you dont wanna hear that
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