Round 5 - Shizle vs Bashugood

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Round 5 - Shizle vs Bashugood

Post by Shizle »

Shizle vs. Bashugood
Fench vs. Souix
map: Himilayas
winner: Shizle

Well, the Himilayas this time of year is on the cold side and x-bows are lightly dressed, so there was, for some time, a fair amount of biatching going on. The coureurs are sturdy folk though and had no problem with the chill in the air.

I xbow/pike rushed pretty early. Noticed that Bash had a corral up, so I started getting pike out. Some back and forth, and I eventually took down his base. He tried to build another base, but I found it pretty soon and took that down. GG Bashugood.

Interestingly, I thought he had chosen Dutch, but then it was Soiux in the game. I must not have been paying attention as I greened up...
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