New member questions

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New member questions

Post by Puddleglum »

So the other night was able to catch some officers online and get added to the clan, and they invited me to a multiplayer game,(Thanks!) but I was having problems joining. (Bummer!) I tinkered with my router a bit and hopefully I have it working now, we'll see. I should be able to get on for a couple hours tonight around 8:30 EST.

Anyways, now I have a question about how members of the clan normally get together for group games. Do you normally just see other clan members on who aren't in a game, and whisper to them, and someone hosts a game? Do people ever meet up in the clan chat area first? Do you go straight to GB and look for familiar game names?

I also have a few other mildly related questions:

It seems like there should be some way to either:
a) See who in your clan is online at the moment reguardless of if they are in your friend list or not (For example, on the clan page, just put that little icon next to online players), or
b) Automatically add any members of your clan to your friend list. (And add new ones as they come!)

I was adding all the officers & active members the other night, and it was pretty tedious. I mean, from a software perspective, either of these options seem like incredibly simple features for ESO to implement. If one or both of these things are possible and I've just missed it, let me know! Or maybe most clans are much smaller and N3O would be the one to use such features.

Lastly, what happens if you whisper to someone in a game? Will it just sit there until they are done with the game?
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Re: New member questions

Post by I__CHAOS__I »

there are a few people who tend to invite everyone but feel free to do it yourself as well.

I agree you should be able to see who's online from your clan without the friendlist. Point b is not really a useful thing imo. Adding people goes fast by rightclicking their names in the clan page and adding them.
What is needed urgently is a bigger friendlist... I can't add new members without kicking the most inactives ones first :(

I think if the person ingame gets out of the game and whispers you, only then he'll see what you wrote while he was ingame (not 100% sure)
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Re: New member questions

Post by StrokeyBlofeld »

We pretty much just invite players that are online, or whisper them first to see if they want a game. The friends list on ESO is in big need of a change, we are almost at 100 members in N3O now and out of that around 80 to 90 of them are pretty active, so for us the list isn't good enough. If you don't might running a small program whilst in game/on ESO then check out this tool at age sanctury, ESO Friends Tool. Very good tool, I use it all the time and it's great as you can add by "clan" and not just by "player".
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