Round 2: Macabee vs Blackadderthe4th

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Round 2: Macabee vs Blackadderthe4th

Post by Blackadderthe4th »

Blackadderthe4th vs Macabee
Spain vs Aztec
Map: Araucania
Winner: Blackadderthe4th

Figuring Mac would rush me I went for an Archaic Infantry aided rush myself. After gathering stupid numbers of Llamas and using them to boost my eco I spammed xbows and used rods and pikes to defend against those pesky jags. Mac hit me first forcing me to garrison and abandon my eco, but the sheer number of units I had combined with MM and TC fire beat of macs rush. From there I pushed on to his base and my numbers overwhelmed him. Mac did manage to steal a 120xp treasure off me which hurt my plans a bit. GG Mac!
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Re: Round 2: Macabee vs Blackadderthe4th

Post by I__CHAOS__I »

18 llamas omg!
dangerous move to fwd 2 vills when the aztec player is already in age II and has lots of treasures guardians + pets.
Mac you should have massed maces instead of coyotes (they are useless when there are some rods) and ship 5 jags instead of coyote combat and I think the game was yours.
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