KingKaramazov vs selfishfish (Captain)

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KingKaramazov vs selfishfish (Captain)

Post by KingKaramazov »

KingKaramazov vs selfishfish
France vs India
Map: Painted Desert

Description: A colonial battle, very much back and forth. Ghurkas / Sepoys / Sowars against Crossbows / Pikes / Hussars. Was very close, could have gone either way until a last surge at the very end. GG! Give it a watch! :D
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Re: KingKaramazov vs selfishfish (Captain)

Post by Navarone_Guy »

That'd probably have to be... damnit, what's it called? Ah, painted desert! The one with Navajo and Apache in the middle.

Anyway, I'll give it a watch tomorrow!
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Re: KingKaramazov vs selfishfish (Captain)

Post by I__CHAOS__I »

wow, a non-china game :P
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