Game For Review Please ~ rufio_eht vs BashUgood

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Game For Review Please ~ rufio_eht vs BashUgood

Post by BashUgood »

Hi all...

rufio asked me for some info on how he could have played better in this game, but I figured I would let someone who's more experienced with Dutch give him some advice..

You can throw some tips my way also if you would like...

Thank you ... :mrgreen:
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Re: Game For Review Please ~ rufio_eht vs BashUgood

Post by I__CHAOS__I »

some pointers for rufio:

split starting vils: 3 or 4 can go straight on gold, no need to collect crates with 7 vils

use shift click to let the envoy run around the map (avoid him to be idle so much)

you pick your strat without scouting, which is never a good habit (even as dutch you should avoid it)

don't send small armies into combat, you lost your 8 pikes for no reason. Mass first and fight battles you can win

some general things:
- 8 pikes early is a waste, unless you really plan on rushing (which wasnt the case)
- dont chop so much wood: ship it instead
- never run around the map with a 1-unit type of army that can easily be countered (your skirms got eaten by 5 naginata riders)
- hit n run with skirmishers
- eat cows :) I tend to eat em asap and age up faster, but you can let em fatten, as long as you don't forget about those. The 4 you had were worth 1200+ food !
- You need a better deck, you have too many useless cards (sawmill, medicine, team native societies...)

I think you have a good general game-play, so try working on these small items and you should perfom much better!
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Re: Game For Review Please ~ rufio_eht vs BashUgood

Post by kingchrisII »

rufio, i played you yesterday 2 times, and noticed that you send that 8 pike card...heres a basic dutch BO, hope it helps

4 on coin straight away 1 shoot hunt toward TC
rest on crates
make 16 vills
first card 3 vills
after u got 16 vills put ALL vills on food, for a faster age up

age up with quartermaster (400 wood)
4 back on coin, (queue vills as u get enough coin)
put some on wood, and some on food, mix as u wish

Age 2:
send 700w asap
keep a lot of vills on food/coin
with age up wood and that wood make banks
send bank wagon
send 600 wood for 2 rax/stable/art and some houses

age up with exiled prince to age 3
or begin pumping skirm/hussar/pike

have fun!! just a rough guide
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