Bash (Japan) vs. a Master Sergeant (China

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Bash (Japan) vs. a Master Sergeant (China

Post by BashUgood »

Hi Guys ..

As a corporal I played vs. a Master Sergeant.
He was talking trash to me while the game was going on, I ignored him and concentrated on playing the best I could.
It was a long game and at times I thought he had me, but back in AoC an old clan mate taught me regardless how bad things may look don't give up.

The game wasn't recorded which was a mistake on my part, because at the end of the game I massed a very large army and was destroying his town, so he drop tricked, but thankfully I did get the win.Stats Here

It was a great game that moved me up to sergeant :mrgreen:
Another win for N3O Clan... 8)
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Re: Bash (Japan) vs. a Master Sergeant (China

Post by ZoRPrimE »

I think Macavity or someone has a record of beating that guy. Sounds like putz if he drop tricked.
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