Sioux vs China on Borneo!

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Sioux vs China on Borneo!

Post by ZoRPrimE »

So I practice a lot with a guy who hasn't played since vanilla! He was a 1st or Captain in it and he's taken up Dutch and now Sioux after a run with China. Well his Sioux has been unstoppable for my China so I've finally broken my no FF w/diciple rule in an effort to stop the AR onslaught! I'm still learning FF in this game and did not make a water/ FF deck. None the less we duke it out and have a pretty good match. Teseu is a good guy a 1st LT and has had some good games with Sector 7G. His clan is still active so he didn't want to come over to N3O.

Well here it is, It has AR raids, explorer deaths, China village w/attack, War clubs, Wakina Rifle, desperate turtling, base relocation, and new to vs. Sioux China play.
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Re: Sioux vs China on Borneo!

Post by KingKaramazov »

I've found disciple FF to be the only really effective way of dealing with Sioux.

At the very least you have to FF. Otherwise, your colonial will get destroyed by mass AR, and then mass wakina.
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