Chinese ~7:00 fast fortress

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Chinese ~7:00 fast fortress

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As I said in another topic, instead of posting a strat guide, I'll post some recordings. This is an all out naked (no military) Chinese fast fortress that could be used in a team strat to get to age 3 and good Chinese team cards.

  • If possible, concentrate on collecting food and gold treasures.
  • Make sure to send your goat to your village to help it fatten up. Eat your goat when it is over 100 food.
  • First card is Advanced Wonders
  • Age to colonial as quickly as possible even if that means some idle TC time. Use Tower wonder. Build with 4-5 villagers.
  • When you begin to age send 4 villagers to gold.
  • If you have any spare food build a villager while aging.
  • When you hit Colonial set Tower to food.
  • Immediately ship 700 gold.
  • Stop collecting gold if you hit 300 and send those villagers to food or wood. You only want enough wood to build a village, barracks or church (depending on your age 3 strategy. church is good to maximize disciples).
  • Keep building villagers from your TC.
  • Collect 700 gold when it arrives.
  • Stop building villagers when you are nearing 1200 food so that you can age as quickly as possible.
  • Build Pagoda (disciple) wonder with 4-5 villagers.
  • While aging you have only one main goal = do not lose your Monk and make sure you build your remaining disciples before your age 3 shipment arrives.
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