Navarone_Guy's guide to Sioux

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Navarone_Guy's guide to Sioux

Post by Navarone_Guy »

Navarone_Guy's guide to Sioux raiding

Ok, I've finally decided to write a short guide to my Sioux raiding strategy. I base almost everything I do in AOE3 around raiding, that's why I like the Germans and Sioux the most; they revolve around what I do best.

Anyway, here's the rundown. Recorded games to be included once I get some free time and games in.


Necessary cards:
3 vils (Age 1)
700 gold (Age 2)
700 food (Age 2)
600 food (Age 2)
600 gold (Age 2)
700 wood (Age 2)
4 axe riders (Age 2)

Recommended and important cards:
Cavalry attack (Age 2)
Cavalry hp (Age 2)
Cavalry combat (Age 3)
5 rifle riders (Age 3)
Mustangs (Age 3)
4 grizzly bears (Age 2)
3 axe riders (Age 2)
The rifle rider support card for 1000 gold (Age 3)
The axe rider support card for 1000 gold (Age 3)
2 farm travois (Age 2)
6 cetan bows (Age 2)
2 dog soldiers (Age 2)
3 trading post travois (Age 2)


The actual strategy:
I'd recommend this strategy only against people who are not going to rush with heavy infantry. (Ex. Do NOT use this against Spanish or Ottoman) The trick here is to keep them on the defense while gutting their economy through constant raiding. If they can't run off and cut trees and hunt, they can't make pikemen and towers, can they? Then your economy and military slowly build up while theirs is stagnant, and then you go for the throat with relentless attacks. This is best in a team game, where your allies can defend you in the case of a rush.


Age 1:
Put 1 villager on each crate and commence with the hunting. Put all villagers on food, produce them constantly, and send 3 vils ASAP. If you have enough resources in age 1, you may want to make a market and research hunting dogs for a little extra boost. Avoid berry bushes and go for huntable animals if possible. Maybe eat some sheep to boost the age time a little, if you expect a rush. If you have enough wood, make a trading post and skip the market.

Use your warchief to scout the crap out of the map, convert and gather treasures. Go for tough meatshields (Pirates and polar bears) or the heavy hitters (Riflemen and pistoleros) if possible. It's better to let a pirate take the beating instead of your warchief.

As soon as you get 800 food, advance with the 500 food politician and switch about half to 2/3 of your vils onto wood. Make a trade post if possible to boost the rate at which you give your cavalry steroid cards.

Age 2:
Make a corral and send 4 axe riders ASAP. Begin raiding with the 4 axe riders and your big chief. (Look for dead animals in the fog of war; there are hunters there waiting to die) Put about 5 vils on gold to keep the axe rider production steady, and put almost all your woodies on food, as axe riders and villagers are unbelievably food-heavy.

If possible, make a war hut if he becomes smart enough to crank out pikemen and stuff. Then, make a few cetans in case of an attack, but he shouldn't attack due to your relentless raiding (You are relentlessly raiding, aren't you?)

After 4 axe riders is sent, it's up to you to decide next. Do you send grizzly bears to take hits from his musketeers or cetan bows to kill them? You may want to send 700 food or wood to expand your base or axe rider army. Maybe send 3 axe riders to quickly boost your raiding force. It's up to you; just adapt to the situation, and that's why you want a flexible deck to deal with anything he may throw at you.

Age 3:
Age to age 3 when you get the resources, but don't let up on raiding for a second. I'd recommend the 12 buffalo and 20% hunt or 800 wood. It's your choice. Once you hit age 3, it's time to diversify your army. Send 5 rifle riders to massacre any heavy infantry or cavalry he may have, using hit-and-run. Send mustangs for cheaper cavalry. This is the time to make your guys unbelievably powerful, so you need lots of EXP for cards. Gift dances and trade routes combined with the new years big button thing can help with this. Once you hit age 3, the game will be pretty much over, and I can't really help you there. Your cards will either come out on top, or he will already be destroying you.


Raiding tips:

Always keep an eye on your raiders, they die very easily and are hard to replace.

If you see pikemen, RUN AWAY! If you see ranged cavalry, then stop raiding, as he will mow you down and be able to catch you if you do. Begin aging to 3 yourself and make wakina rifles. Keep your axe riders back to deal with any cannons he might make.

Never get within the range of the town center, as the vils can easily get into it and begin shooting you. Remember! TCs do bonus damage to cavalry!

Try to get between the vils and the TC. You will do lots more damage this way.

Keep the warchief nearby for the speed bonus, but don't let him attack, as he does no damage to vils and merely creates pathing problems.

Look for dead animals in the fog of war. Always look around the map for them when you have a free moment. Like I said before, that means hunters to kill!

Cavalry attack cards are more important than cavalry HP. Attack kills vils more quickly, while HP only allows them to survive a little longer. If they get caught, they will die no matter what, and an extra 35 hp won't make a difference.

Once you get a force of 10 or so raiders, then do not put more into the group! That only creates pathing problems while expending large amounts of resources. Maybe make another group if you have really good microing skills. Try to operate both at the same time; it will really confuse them.

If you are attacked at your base, just pull your raiders off into the woods and concentrate on your base and defending. Then, once the fight is over, commence raiding again. Trying to do both at once without mad skills is suicide; you can't manage both at once.


An Analysis on the stats of axe riders:

Hp: 250, +37.5 with cavalry hp, +37.5 with cavalry combat, +50 with age 3 support card, +25 with big button uprade.

Hand attack: 35, + 5.25 with cavalry attack, + 5.25 with cavalry combat.

Resist: 20% pierce.

Speed: 6.75, +1.35 with warchief aura, +.675 with big button.


I am not a big fan of strict build orders, so this guide may not be very specific, but I apologize. Just adapt to the situation. Remember, raiding isn't always the best thing to do! Try to create an army of infantry in addition.

This entire strategy is about having fun and making the other guy angry. It also drastically improves your microing skills, and is absolutely devastating if done correctly. In my opinion, raiding is the most interesting thing to do in the game.
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Re: Navarone_Guy's guide to Sioux

Post by lordandcount »

Can you also do write up for war club rush
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Re: Navarone_Guy's guide to Sioux

Post by Navarone_Guy »

I was just transferring my guide from our old forums to this one. To be honest, though, you don't want to see my war club rush... It's horrendous, and I'm no good at rushing. Maybe ask Simple? He REALLY loves his heavy infantry rushes. My xbows don't stand a chance. :?

What I DO know is that you basically age up as quickly as possible, switch most of your vils to wood while aging, and then throw as many clubs as you can at him. Ship some axe riders, ship more clubs, and he'll go down. Get all the age 2 military shipments (6 clubs, 7 clubs, 6 cetan, 3 axes, 4 axes, 4 grizzlies). That'll help you keep the pressure on him.
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Re: Navarone_Guy's guide to Sioux

Post by KingKaramazov »

Here's my advice for playing as Sioux -

1. Age up somewhere around 4:30 - 5:00 (use the food politician). Vills on gold and food on age up (don't gather more than 300 gold on aging up though, it's a waste).

2. Gather food while sending 700 gold. Gather crates, age up using fast age politician. On age up gather wood for warhut and plenty of food.

3. Age up, build a warhut, mass wakinas, send 9 wakina shipment, and so on.

4. Win.

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Re: Navarone_Guy's guide to Sioux

Post by blayzer13 »

lol op sioux but not really thks i might have some fun with them
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