VGG vs British Captain

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VGG vs British Captain

Post by KingKaramazov »

KingKaramazov vs Asam
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Winner: KingKaramazov

I played this guy, asam, 3 times in a row in quicksearch, and won two out of three. He played as the Brits each time.

The first game was a pretty nice game with myself as Iroquois on Patagonia that unfortunately was not recorded. Basically he rushed me with longbows and I got to fortress and then beat him back with forest prowlers / crackshot and then raided him to death from there.

The second game I figured I'd try Aztec, and messed up pretty badly - I didn't send anti-cav soon enough and my army of maces / jags was beaten by hussars and that was that.

Third game I was Aztecs again, and that's what I'm posting now. Was a very close game, my score was lower than his pretty much the whole time, and at one point he has almost double the amount of villagers that I have. I seriously considered resigning and saying "I think that's enough of playing Aztecs." But in the end my military did the job. :D

I certainly did not play perfectly but I think it's a good watch. Only perplexing thing to me is why he made so many grenadiers...I suppose he figured they'd work well against Maces and at first I thought they would too but then it didn't really work out that way :-P .

edit: Oh, I just checked, this guy is PR 30 in TAD. :)
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