2v2 tourney rec

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2v2 tourney rec

Post by Soccerman771 »

Game 1 in the books from the 2v2 tourney

Rufio_eht and Soccerman771 (C7) vs. Indybrit and Nighthawk22(C6)
India and British vs. Japan and British
Map: Great Plains
Winners: Rufio_eht and Soccerman771 (C7)

Ok, I go 10/10 and pick up a 140 food treasure to speed the age time. Rufio follows me right to their fb which falls fast. We march right into nighthawk's base and blow it to smitherenes (sp?). There's no quit in Indy as we had to slaughter all his vills. Nice short quick game less than 13 mins. gg.
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