How to post a recorded game

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How to post a recorded game

Post by Soccerman771 »

Disclaimer: When I get home I'll put screen-shots up to help the quality of the post.

OK, now to the important stuff. How to post a recorded game for TAD.
1. Locate the game you wish to post. The default location is:
C:\Documents and Settings\Soccerman771\My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\Savegame

The "Soccerman771" part of the browser location above is the name of the profile where TAD is downloaded.

2. Once you locate the game you wish to post, it's time to change the name of the file. The last recorded game you saved is defaulted to "recorded_game_1.age3yrec". For example, if you have 8 recorded games in the folder, the newest record will be named "recorded_game_1.age3yrec" and the oldest will be "recorded_game_8.age3yrec". You can verify this by sorting the folder by the Last Modified column.

To change the name of the file, copy the file by right-clicking and selecting copy, the pasting the file in a location where you can easily find it. I recommend minimizing all windows and pasting on your desktop.

Then right-click on the file and select rename. The name of the file should be renamed to be simple to understand and readable. Soccerman771_vs_xyzplayer.age3yrec is an acceptable name. THE .age3yrec PART IS VERY IMPORTANT.

3. Once the file is re-named you are 1/2 there. You then need to open a new topic in the forum and type your message about the game giving some kind of description of the game and asking any questions about the game you need. If this is a tournament or ladder game, please reference the guidelines in those forums for reporting conventions of those games.

4. Under the section where it says Add an Attachment press Browse.... Find the file where you copied/pasted and changed the name. Press Open. Once this is complete, the page will refresh and the file to be posted will show below. Then type in a File Comment in the designated box if you desire. This isn't necessary if you don't feel like it or you have a sufficient description in the main box.

5. Press the Submit button at the bottom of the page and the file will load.

6. Receive feed-back and get better ;)

If you still have problems after reading this send me a PM and I'll help you in any way that I can.

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