What to do against Chinese?

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Re: What to do against Chinese?

Post by Sporting_Lisbon »

Asian mm are not useless. Specially if you are using cav :\ You won't have all the vills in the tc will you? What if he walls up? It's not to ''sustain'' but to breath. Shipments will take him down. I don't knwo what kind of rush/harassment is that that not only gives you cav and inf to raid but it also lets you get a nice eco to keep getting army to actually kill his discs and shipments ^^
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Re: What to do against Chinese?

Post by LaZy »

LoL, I agree with chaos.

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Re: What to do against Chinese?

Post by Tatltael »

[quote=""I__CHAOS__I""]so china is not OP at all and needs an urgent boost !!![/quote]

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