Noob bashers/Fast rushers Ladders

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Re: Noob bashers/Fast rushers Ladders

Post by I__CHAOS__I »

Don't worry about it Roger, it's def not a serious thing.
QS'ing within 7 PR is a fair thing cuz within 4 PR its hard to find an opponent sometimes

just keep enjoying the game 8)
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Re: Noob bashers/Fast rushers Ladders

Post by StrokeyBlofeld »

You can't help what happens in QS. Playing QS +/-7 PR is what I do, if your willing to play against someone 7 PR above you, then you take the -7 PR wins when they come along, nothing wrong with that... it's random.

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Re: Noob bashers/Fast rushers Ladders

Post by severebeating »

Power Rating: 12.96
ELO: 1577.87
ELO Ranking: 7551
Rated Games: 11
Wins: 6
Fast Rushing: 0
Noob Bashing: 0

I'm clean. But, I thought anybody I have played my level was a noob.

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Re: Noob bashers/Fast rushers Ladders

Post by Macavity »

Power Rating: 17.74
ELO: 1639.13
ELO Ranking: 2608
Rated Games: 90
Wins: 46
Fast Rushing: 5
Noob Bashing: 3

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