Scouting question for our OP leaders (suggested 30+ or so)

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Re: Scouting question for our OP leaders (suggested 30+ or s

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[quote=""Sporting_Lisbon""]Let's not dig up old threads, shall we? :p[/quote]

If there is an older thread please have a admin move these posts to that.

I have a few items here, before them 1st and foremost, I wish you could tab and bring up a large map like in AOM. This was really useful.

So wall segments work well for LOS. I have used houses and other buildings. Putting up one piece wall segments seems to be a micro hassle as shift clicking them just wants to create wall lines not single segments. I have tried double clicking on them and placing them without shift click and going back over them with the shift click. Any one that is good at this please pipe in with your preferred way to deploy single wall segments for LOS.

Also one thing I learned from a past life (AOK, AOM) is that anyone wanting to get better needs to learn to look at the map alot. Scouting and getting LOS is useless unless you can see the enemy color approaching on the map.

Lastly, once you know how to use the map and look at during game play you will start to see your LOS as a lighten circle around your placed objects. After practicing this a few times you will start to see where you are missing LOS and where a single low cost troop, wall segment, or scout should be placed to provide visibility of where your enemy moves.
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