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Re: Love the new site

Post by KingKaramazov »

I'm using the one with the steelish / blue side panels, but the actual forums and posts etc are all still quite white / very light gray.


Now that I look closer I guess the posts are more of a very very light gray as opposed to white.

I think that gray color could do to be a little bit darker and then things would probably be ideal. ;)

Or maybe the top part and bottom part of the board where it has the "this day in history" and the "general board" etc parts could be a different color instead of white. Then you could leave this light shade of gray but it wouldn't seem so bright because it would be surrounded by a darker color.
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Re: Love the new site

Post by MNBob »

[quote=""severebeating""]AWESOME work, guys!!! VERY professional. Proud to be associated with this site & your fine work!!!

The money is in the mail. :D
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Re: Love the new site

Post by Harley »

Wow, how many members does the clan have now? Its booming. People just started flooding in after i left, im that scary huh ? ;)

ooh, and hows the new xpac? Better than TWC? Given the game some freshness?
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Re: Love the new site

Post by Navarone_Guy »

It's by FAR better than TWC. Much more balanced and unique. Shame there were no changes or additions to the European civs, though...
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Re: Love the new site

Post by Napolean912 »

I know I'm late, but this site was very nicely designed!! :!: :!:
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