Nav vs. L&C round 7

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Nav vs. L&C round 7

Post by Navarone_Guy »

Harley14 vs. Lordandcount
Russia vs. Dutch
Map: Siberia
Winner: Harley14

Against the Dutch, I just decided to do a strelet/cossack rush. I don't think I did a good job at all, but I was able to spam enough guys into his base that he couldn't kill my guys fast enough.

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Re: Nav vs. L&C round 7

Post by I__CHAOS__I »

why you think you didn't do a good job? you played it really well, only thing I would change is wood trickle instead of eco theory (only when rushing)
lord's deck wasnt really good and I think he lacks experience with the dutch. Aging with halbs when there are 30 strelets in your base... :s

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Re: Nav vs. L&C round 7

Post by Soccerman771 »

17 vil age up is risky, but OK if you know he's gonna FF. I've never lost a game as Russia vs Dutch, just keep pressure on because he can't make Hussars, Skirms, and banks at the same time...

Interesting you didn't have Sevastapol in your deck...

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Re: Nav vs. L&C round 7

Post by KingKaramazov »

Distributivism should almost always be your first card as Russia.

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