Navarone vs. Doctor

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Navarone vs. Doctor

Post by Navarone_Guy »

Harley14 vs. Doctor
lieut colonel vs. lieut colonel
Portugal vs. India
Map: Siberia
Time: Over 1 hour 8O

Well, I sure didn't expect this to be over an hour long. Then again, I should have cause I was playing Ports...

An interesting game, although I made a lot of mistakes. There were skirmishes all throughout the game and some small, reasonably successful raiding by both sides early on. I completely screwed up my resource distribution, at one point having over 40,000 food and less than 1000 wood and gold. ::/ How noobin' is that? Anyway, I do something interesting this game that I've never really gotten to try before. I send my trusty bandeirantes card (2 extra explorers = uber crackshot time), and kick some serious ass with em. Every time he attacked, I killed 3 exalted howdahs with my explorers and had a 9000 hp meatshield that could be retrained for 300 gold. Anyway, the game could have gone either way the whole game and I thought I was going to lose several times!

If you like Portuguese, check this one out!
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Re: Navarone vs. Doctor

Post by 36drew »

Well I watched it LOL. It's nice to win when your opponent gathers 50k more resources than you and has a slight score edge most of the game. GJ. Cool matchup too.
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Re: Navarone vs. Doctor

Post by IndyBrit »

I finally watched this game. I can see what you're saying about not playing perfect, but sometimes when you're busy something has to give. Very entertaining for us anyway. :-P
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