Round 5: Nav vs. Drew

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Re: Round 5: Nav vs. Drew

Post by Tatltael »

[quote=""KingKaramazov""]Mams are amazing.

I played a game against TatlTael today and just made skirms / dragoons and about 8 or 9 mamelukes on Mongolia. He was Japan and had a huge force of Yumis with a few Ashis.

I killed him without losing more than 1 or 2 Mamelukes. They had 1667 hp and 39 attack with cav combat card. Insanity.


i hate mamelukes, SO MUCH
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Re: Round 5: Nav vs. Drew

Post by Navarone_Guy »

Well... mamelukes are supposed to beat yumi. If they beat a big army of ashigaru or pikes, then yeah, they're broken. They are killable with any ranged cav or any heavy inf. They're just tough to kill... 400 gold is too expensive for most civs to afford, anyway.
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