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Re: Terminator

Post by Puddleglum »

Short Version: I've enjoyed The Sarah Connor Chronicles, check it out!

Long Version: I don't watch a lot of TV since I only get whatever comes over the air. But I tend to wind up at least checking out anything Sci-Fi-ish that gets put on the major networks. So, the past two TV seasons Lost and Heroes have been the only shows I've watched. (Side note: Lost is flamin' hot right now!) With this Heroes season cut short by the strike, I decided to check out SCC and I have enjoyed it. I feel like it took a few episodes to get rolling, but considering the alternatives (game shows, reality shows, doctor drama, crime drama), I'll take it. If you like Sci-Fi stuff, or the movies, I would say it's worth watching the first few episodes to see what you think. The series takes place shortly after T2- their actions in T2 delayed the creation of Skynet from 1997 to 2011. The overall plot could be described as "more of the same." Good robot sent back to kill John, bad robot sent back to protect John, Sarah & John try to stop Skynet from being created. But I'd say it's well done.
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Re: Terminator

Post by RascalJones »

Sweet! Another Lost fan. (Last week's episode was awesome!)

Heroes rocks too. I've seen every episode of that just since Christmas.

But, I came here for the Terminator series. I haven't seen it, but the girl that plays the terminator was in another series that was AWESOME! Summer Glau played River in Firefly and the movie Serenity. Serenity is one of the best Sci-Fi space action movies I've seen in a LONG time. (I just watched it again today.)
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Re: Terminator

Post by Palehorse »

Summer Glau if phun to watch, but I find it a bit plodding in episodes 3-5, plus the writer strike has basically slowed drama TV to nothing in the US. There seems to be a

***** SPOILER ALERT ******

subplot as to whether the Summer Glauminator is or is not faithfully following her pogromming, or whether Johns uncle is part cyborg.
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