My new ride

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Re: My new ride

Post by emperoral »

Well Severbeating you had me fooled with that car I thought all PI drove Red Ferrari's! LOL
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Re: My new ride

Post by KingKaramazov »

I like your Caddy Severe.

That's not a bad car, Luukje.

At home I drive (it's not mine -- my parents) a 1995 Mitsubishi Montero. It's a white SUV. It's okay.

I have to say though if I could choose any car within a semi-realistic range to own I'd probably go with a BMW, particularly an M3. :D
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Re: My new ride

Post by severebeating »

[quote=""emperoral""]Well Severbeating you had me fooled with that car I thought all PI drove Red Ferrari's! LOL[/quote]

Just slummin'...
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Re: My new ride

Post by shootbogey »

I've had a Saab 9-3, a Jetta, Chevys (1500 pickup and Trailblazer), and an Avalon.

The Saab had the most character and was fun to drive. I had a playful relationship with that car. So much so that I went through a set of Michelin Pilots in about 25k miles. Try buying a new set of those in a 205x50x17's. I loved the handling and kick at 1800rpm's when the turbo spooled up. I thought both Chevrolets were...well...disappointingly 'American'.

The 06 Avalon is the smoothest, most polished vehicle I've ever owned.
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