One month anniversary....

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One month anniversary....

Post by BashUgood »

It's official me and N30 have been together for a month... so what did ya buy me ? :mrgreen:

Well I just wanted to add that it's been good to be aboard , you guys have been great and I enjoy playing with you all...
Thanks for your help in making me a better player, and also with the help of drew and Harley a better loser... :-P

You guys RoCk...
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Re: One month anniversary....

Post by Navarone_Guy »

Heh, good to have you Bash! Don't worry, I'll slip up one of these days and you guys will really pound me. :)
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Re: One month anniversary....

Post by NEO_CrAz3n »

It's been great having you here Bash! I've only gotten to play you once but it was fun. I hope to play you again soon.
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