Most annoying aspect of TAD:India

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Re: Most annoying aspect of TAD:India

Post by I__CHAOS__I »

man, I've had a game once where there was no sound for some reason and playing was really hard. You dont hear the raids/attacks on you for example... I was kinda lost.
I'm sure your other senses are better develloped than ours :)

anyway, I'm glad to see your positive attitude :D
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Re: Most annoying aspect of TAD:India

Post by Ivon_Blood »

I know what you mean rascal, the sound the indians make does get repetitive and annoying. I just switch the sound off.....It is alot harder to keep track on when you are attacked though.

Even more annoying though is the idle vill sign fails to show when a vill is idle at a berry bush urghh!!

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Re: Most annoying aspect of TAD:India

Post by NEO_CrAz3n »

I was gonna say the same thing Roger. I have nerve deafness and sounds kinda get mashed together and lost and most of the time I can't distinguish the warning bell or the sound when a villager is made.

It must make the game a lot more challenging if you can't hear them at all.

I agree, you have a great attitude.

I live in the South too. Where do you live? I'm in the FL Panhandle.
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