Navarone vs. Chinese Major

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Re: Navarone vs. Chinese Major

Post by NEO_CrAz3n »

I already tried a military approach over banks with Dutch. I won my first game, which made me confident I was on to something, and then two people (KK and Strokey) both said the same thing to me (after losing to them). They said that when playing as Dutch you have to play to their strengths which is banks. They were right.

Dropping banks gives you a lot of XP and you have to use them for that.

Instead I went with military cards first and spamming skirms or hussars and even did a Gren Rush with them (almost got KK with it) and then dropped banks when resources allowed. It didn't work.
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Re: Navarone vs. Chinese Major

Post by ZoRPrimE »

Yep, I think that XP is huge. Also they're high hp resouce generating buildings. I've been playing them a bit as they were my civ of choice after Aztecs in TWC. I think they're simple and effective once you're used to gold for villies and bank usage. Also with limited villie production you pegg out villie production and can spend less micro time on your eco sooner than other civs.
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