China needs to be nerfed

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Re: China needs to be nerfed

Post by I__CHAOS__I »

if only the rajputs had more speed...
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Re: China needs to be nerfed

Post by Navarone_Guy »

Rasc, I usually make mostly gurkha, hit and run like mad, and mix in some sepoys for anti-cav.
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Re: China needs to be nerfed

Post by luukje »

On topic, i think china needs:

a nerf to disciplines (higher cost or lower stats)

a nerf to porcelain tower: in age 2 getting 400 food and 4 villagers is. (Double or triple what other civs get- compare it with 2 cows for euro civs!)Giving just 200 food and 3/3.5 villager would still be very strong.

a nerf to hand mortars, (a bit less range)

a nerf to OP team cards

and they need a small boost vs cav, maybe giving the pikes 0.5 xtra multiplier

I dont know about India, havent played themselves and you dont get them so much on quicksearch.

Of my first 50 games (I play japan) 40 are against chines,lol
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