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Re: post message new to N3O.....

Post by Roger_The_Rogue »

Welcome to N3O clan. :)

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Re: post message new to N3O.....

Post by Am3ricanCa3sar »

hey everyone, i'm new to clan N3O, cheers to "SevereBeating" and "TheBigAnt"! i'm from the pacific NW and been an age player since aoe2. up till now i been playin mostly unrated 1v1's but would like to play more unrated team games with clan members, don't let my pr fool ya i only play unrated under this name, and rated under another account (actually two other accounts, had a brother and brother inlaw who gave up on the game and gave me thier cd's). I love smurfin ;) :oops: . Anyway i play the game seriously but always for fun and not serious competition... yet. anyways greetings to everyone and look forward to meeting you all, please talk to me online if your ever looking for a practice game or an unrated game. see you on the field. so far i have been very impressed with the people i have met (36drew) and am excited for my N30 experience.

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Re: post message new to N3O.....

Post by severebeating »

Ca3sar is a buddy of mine that I have been "working" to join N3O for over a year. He pwns with Ports. Check out his decks sometimes.


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Re: post message new to N3O.....

Post by Navarone_Guy »

Welcome! Oh, and Beating, please check the bracket A scheduling thing in the tournament forum. We need to find out when we can play the tournament games.


Re: post message new to N3O.....

Post by Shizle »

Welcome Ca3sar, I'm sitting here in the NW on vacation. On Whidbey Island off the coast of Seattle as I write....

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Re: post message new to N3O.....

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