SevereBeating vs Rufio_Eht

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SevereBeating vs Rufio_Eht

Post by severebeating »

An interesting matchup.
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Re: SevereBeating vs Rufio_Eht

Post by Navarone_Guy »

Alrighty, here goes.

1. This is no big deal, but que your first villager as soon as you get 270 food. It helps shave off seconds and definitely doesn't hurt.

2. Grab all treasures you can (there was a 40 wood treasure you could have crackshotted right at the start).

3. Don't gather gold crates in age 1. You don't use them at least until age 2 and it's just wasted villager seconds.

4. Use your crackshot all the time. Use it to whittle down treasures (that 2 ronin treasure you walked right past). Then run away and go back and wait for crackshot again to grab the treasure.

5. At 2 minutes you gathered your first treasure. If you come across an easily gettable one (the VERY useful 2 monkey treasure you walked right past twice), take the time to get it. That's what your explorer is there for.

6. Try to hop your villagers in and out of your TC more quickly. Otherwise, it takes just as long as if they had just walked around the TC.

7. You had your TC idle for a while at about 3:10. That caused you to go up to 1000 food and age up about 20 seconds later than you should have.

8. You walked right past that 2 tiger treasure.

9. You waited far too long to send 13 strelets.

10. You should have shot his kanya and warchief with your TC and tower. Shoot the tomas with strelets - they do 16 damage to tomas, while they only do 7 to the warchief.

11. Build your second blockhouse farther back or he'll see you and trash it like he did.

12. There were two kanya at the edge of your LOS. You should have killed them with your cossacks.

13. You were always housed but had extra wood and food. Make a few houses and que up some vils and strelets...

14. Once you got to age 2 your explorer went idle for the rest of the game. Remember, he's a 500 hp meatshield and is great for scouting out vils to raid.

15. Your cossacks took unnecessary casualties and damage from attacking that tower. When his vils hop in the TC, run away!

16. You had 1 vil sitting in your blockhouse for a LONG time.

17. When you fended off his rush and your score was nearly double his, you should have attacked and finished him off instead of sitting there and building up.

18. At about 16 minutes you had a TON of unspent resources. You had enough to make 50 strelets and 10 cossacks with a few vils on the side.

19. You switched to berries FAR too soon. He had no raiders so you should have herded those animals from the Southwest.

20. At about 18 minutes, there were some dead animals in the middle of the map. That means he has hunters there. You should have raided there instead of continuing to lose cossacks to his TC.

21. You didn't need 3 blockhouses right next to your TC.

22. You could have gone Fortress at least a minute before you did.

23. When you got to Fortress, you shouldn't have sent a fort. There was no way he could have killed your base anyway. Send strelet combat instead.

24. When you get Fortress, upgrade your strelets to veteran! It boosts their attack and defense each by 25% because you're Russia, too.

25. Overall you played far too defensively. You had tons of resources and weren't making any guys with it. You didn't build any military for about 10 minutes straight. Exploit his weakness and take him down as soon as you fend off his rush! The game could have ended at least 12 minutes earlier than it did.

To Rufio: A few things. When rushing on a map with towers, go after the tower first. It only has 2000 hp. Then go for his houses. Those only have 1200 hp and killing them is just as cripping as killing a TC, especially against Russia with their high pop cost units. Also, if your rush starts failing like it did, run away and save your last few guys. Use them to pick off vils. Don't let him recover from your rush in peace.

Also, you had a little extra food but your TC was idle. When he fends you off like that, just give up on attacking - throwing 10 aenna at his TC is only wasting 1000 food. Build up an army and boost your econ and fight him then. Don't suicide attack into his base like the AI.

If you know he has raiders, don't send your vils out again to get killed. Just stick with berries for now or keep a few tomas in melee with your hunters.

When you saw he was going strelets/cossacks, don't make aenna. Those go even with strelets and lose to cossacks. Make a stable, gather some wood, and make kanya. Kanya go even with cossacks and beat strelets, and can be used to raid when not fighting.

You were also gathering wood farther away from your TC than you needed. You lost a few vils because of it when there were trees about 5 feet from your TC.

Your final attack was complete suicide. When you're at a disadvantage, raid, pick off vils, and boom. If he's playing defensively, exploit that. Don't build up and army and sit there, just to throw it away in a final suicide charge. Be sure to use your army well.

I know it sounds like I'm tearing you guys apart, but those were only the negative things.

Hope this helps!
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Re: SevereBeating vs Rufio_Eht

Post by rufio_eht »

This is an excellent review Harley. Especially targeting the tower and houses is a basic, easy to apply objective, that I can see why would make my rush more effective.
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