Little Bit Outplayed

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Re: Little Bit Outplayed

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[quote=""HuggyPierre""]Nice one Tatl. Maybe the unit choice brought you the win. If they went for Lbows and Coyote/Mace spam it would probably gg after 1 or 2 fights, cause Challe's micro > most players. Definitely a nice win.[/quote]

challe always had a significant amount of mace lying around as well as some puma backed by hussar mass, i had manage two groups of BR one blocking hussar from getting @ our mace and another forcing pumas to walk through mace while simultaneously forcing challes mace into a melee with the BR

X_X the description is daunting but i think if the brit had gone LB they would of felt more hurt by the coyotes than the hussar did. dunno, but i promised him a rematch so we'll see ^^
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