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Re: otto start

Post by luukje »

I tried to play them in 1.02 and lost 150 ELO and 2 PR. I was playing dutch before,lol.

They are just a bit weaker than before.
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Re: otto start

Post by I__CHAOS__I »

[quote=""36drew""][quote=""I__CHAOS__I""]i thought the mosque was approx 1/4 th of a TP, I should check cyclo's guide for that[/quote]

Yep. This is correct. Plus you get -6 to settler train time and have an extra 50 wood left over. Which makes maps like bayou...not as brutal.[/quote]

first tech reduces with 5 sec/vil but I don't know what u mean with 50 w left over? house + mosque + tech = 300 w

nerfing silk road plus removing a wood crate was too much
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