Raiding Question

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Raiding Question

Post by Sun_Tzu1 »


A number of times I've been in the situation where: I've raided with 5 Aztec Coyotes; found a bunch of settlers and started hacking at them; they turn an run back to their TC as I'm chasing; and then my opponent turn up with a few units attacking my Coyotes while they're attacking the settlers.

I've tended to leave the Coyotes on the settlers so I get maximum settler casualties before my Coyotes go down. Obviously, if they were being countered by hard pikes or musketeers, I'd turn tail and run.

However, I'm now thinking this isn't sensible. 5 Coyotes are an age 2 shipment or 550 pointes of resources. That's a lot to loose to kill 1, 2 or 3 settlers. Frankly, after loosing Coyotes in this way I've noticed my score that early in the game can drop quite dramatically vs. my opponents score.

Do you guys have any thoughts on this? Do you hit and then run the moment anything comes at you, do you try to finish off killing a settler before you run - even if you're sustaining damage, or what?

Any help appreciated.

And, yea, I know you're supposed to withdraw, pop up somewhere else to make them fear the fog of war, but, when you hit a pretty big bunch of settlers, you wonder if you're going to find settlers anywhere else.
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Re: Raiding Question

Post by Sporting_Lisbon »

I only keep my kanyas in there when I'm finishing off. Otherwise, just run. See it this way: even though you won't kill 5 vills at the first strike and you'll only take 2, you'll be able to come back again and again to own vills :D Also, use main battles as a distraction to raids or vice-versa, use raids as a distraction to attack!
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