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Re: Graphic Settings

Post by emperoral »

Who cares we have a cat with a machine gun now that a talking point!

Anyway setting er pass however the game loaded? Yep thats me setting.
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Re: Graphic Settings

Post by IndyBrit »

[quote=""Soccerman771""][quote=""IndyBrit""]All low, low, low. 1024 by 768 or something, on my 24" monitor. The dudes are like 3 inches tall but only get 6x4 pixels. It's awesome. However, I find micro-response unlivable and my computer occasionally locks up if I turn anything up, so I'm learning to be happy. The trees look like Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf (bonus points to anyone that has a clue what I just said. lol).[/quote]


Bonus points for me..[/quote]


There's an old fart and geek implication with the prize though. Shouldn't bother old geeks like you and me though.
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Re: Graphic Settings

Post by I__CHAOS__I »

most settings on highest, at least the female villies look better that way :mrgreen:
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