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Re: Maddy McCann

Post by I__CHAOS__I »

really sorry to hear that Pale :(
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Re: Maddy McCann

Post by Hydrovert5 »

It's amazing how many "apparent" sighting there have been of her all over the world since her disappearance... Makes you wonder if half of them are true in my opinion.

Sorry about your loss, PH...
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Re: Maddy McCann

Post by LaZy »

[quote=""luukje""]I's a sad case. The real victim is the poor child. If the parents are involved it's horrible. If they are not, it's a nightmare for them to.[/quote]

I think tht pretty much sums it up bro

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Re: Maddy McCann

Post by StrokeyBlofeld »

[quote=""Sporting_Lisbon""]What's disgusting is that there are a lot of missing children out there but people only care about this one because their parents were rich enough to get a lawyer and to attract all the media's attention. In addition to that, the tabloids are just exploiting this issue to the fullest for some extra sales.

/end of rant[/quote]

This is a sad but true fact. The amount of funding and money raised for their case is disgusting when you look at other missing child cases that make the small columns on page 7 or 8 of a local paper instead of front page of all the national papers for months on end.

No 1 theory (as lazy said) is that the parents did it. From a nutural point of view, regardless of whether they did or didn't do it, they are still to blame to a certain extent. They left their children in a hotel room in a foreign country while they went out to dinner, how can that be justified?

My eldest daughter is 12 years old, and I wouldn't even leave her in my house on her own while I go to the shops (5 mins).

And in this country, it is still illeagal to leave a minor on their own!!! Nobody can be 100% sure that they drugged their children so they slept while they were out, but even if they didn't, they are still iresponsible parents for leaving them on their own.

Do I think they did it? I don't think they did it intentionally if at all. The only logical conclusion I can draw from all the "media theories" is that perhaps they drugged the children to sleep while they went out, came back and maddie was dead, panicked and hid the body.

But this is just a wild conclusion that may bare no truth what-so-ever. You can never be sure of the truth when the British media is involved, even more so when it is about something that has happened abroad and facts get minipulated greatly.

I don't think anybody will ever really know what happened except for the person/persons responsible. Who knows, she may even still be alive.
All I know is that it is very sad, and my sympathies are with maddie, and her parents, and all those it has effected. Something like this is a huge loss that people can never really get over.
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Re: Maddy McCann

Post by KingKaramazov »

[quote=""RascalJones""]You been living under a rock KK?[/quote]

Sorry I don't pay attention to news that doesn't make a damn of difference in my life.

It's sad but it's just headlines.
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Re: Maddy McCann

Post by Cyclohexane »

Hey Pale,
I'm really sorry to hear about your loss. My wife and I have had 3 miscarriages, my first son was in between two of them. This was really hard for me, I cannot imagine how you feel. My wife lost a 1 year old niece that she still cries and has dreams about. Even though I do not understand why these things happen, I have 100% faith they are with the father now.
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