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N3O Rules

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About N3O And Our Members

N3O is a well established clan. We have been together for years playing the Age Series under the NEO & N3O tags. Many of our members have been here since our clan was formed. To us it is all about fun and we have been improving through good, friendly competition. We are mainly a RM Clan. Our skill levels range from Conscript to Colonel so skill is not what's most important to us. It's all about great attitudes. Players of any skill level are welcomed to join us.

No Trial Period

N3O has no trial period.  Although you will not be made a full member until you have joined our forums. Even though we have no trial period, you will have to abide by N3O rules in order to remain a member. This should be pretty easy for you to do because we have just a few rules and they are very easy to follow.


No member is allowed to spam our forums with ads, affiliate program links, commercial banners or worthless posts. Members found spamming our forums may have their privileges revoked and/or be removed from the clan after being warned.

How We Communicate

N3O has it's own Teamspeak 3 & Discord server. We use Steam too. Our servers are for N3O members only.

When We Play

You can find a game with other members 7 days a week and almost any hour of the day. We have loyal members from around the world that are in different time zones so finding a game with another member is usually pretty easy.

N3O Qualities

In N3O maturity and being friendly are what's most important. If you are young but mature that's OK. There's no age limit for maturity. We do expect you to act in a friendly, mature fashion when you carry the N3O tag. When you carry the N3O tag you represent our clan. We don't flame and we don't have bad attitudes. That isn't tolerated here. The leader, co-leader and all of our officers are aware of this rule and are willing to enforce it. There are plenty of clans that accept immature gamers but we don't. We're all friends here and even though every clan you'll see says that, here it's true.

This is a great bunch of guys we have here, so if you are looking for a good place to hang and have fun N3O is the place.

Recruiting To Other Games and/or Clans

N3O is an Age and Starcraft series clan. Any forum member or N3O member found trying to recruit N3O members to play other games may be banned after 1 warning. Any forum member found trying to recruit N3O members to another clan will be banned immediately and without notice.

This clan has been together for over 9 years. Recruiting members to other games or clans is not in the best interest of N3O. Other games may be discussed on our forums but discussion of nicks and/or play times is not in our own best interest and can effect activity. It is not allowed and may result in the thread being deleted, a warning, a ban or any combination of the three.


Advertising on N3O's forums is strictly forbidden. DO NOT advertise any affiliate programs, pyramid schemes or contests. Any ads found on the forums will be immediately removed whether they are text ads or banner ads. Offenders will receive one warning and there is no second warning. The second time the member will be removed from the clan and banned from the forums permanently. Our members don't want to see them and neither do our visitors.

Team Game Etiquette

N3O clan is all about having fun. When we finish playing a game, win or lose, we GG the other player or players.

Although we're all about fun, it's no fun to have someone join a team game and abandon the game prematurely on a regular basis. Sometimes an emergency may arise or something unexpected may come up (parents, kids, wives) and a team member may have to leave. That's understandable but it should not become a habit. Here are a few rules of etiquette concerning team games.

1 - If you think you may not have time to play a team game, don't play it. Team games are sometimes lengthy and you should always take that into account before becoming involved in one.

2 - If you must leave a team game, notify all players on your team, tribute all resources to your teammates and if you have time, attack the enemy with every military unit you have. Do as much as possible for your team before you leave.

If it becomes far too common the player may be temporarily banned, demoted or removed from N3O.

How To Join

#1 - Read this post. Already done? Move on to step #2.

#2 - Sign up for our forums.

#3 - Post in the "Post Here To Join N3O" thread here >>> Post To Join N3O

Be sure to include your ESO name and your first name and if you'd like to, tell us why you'd like to join N3O.

If you have any questions you can PM...




If you have any questions or need help please Private Message one of us and we'd be glad to help you. You can only send private messages after signing up for the forums so please SIGN UP!
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