Any Clan Members Still Active?

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Re: Any Clan Members Still Active?

Post by Aaryn_GenD »

Discord may be nice but don't forget that aoe3:DE will be on Steam and M$ Store. So having the game client+ communication be at one place sure has its advantages.
Doesn't hurt to have both options available though.
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Re: Any Clan Members Still Active?

Post by Comadevil »

Jim long time no see.
Yeah would be nice to have some games with the old gang again
We will see what in the end we will use Teamspeak, Discord, Steam or the forum.
Some may have their difficulties with new apps like Discord but we will see

Re: Any Clan Members Still Active?

Post by ittybitty13 »

I can't believe you guys are still active. I was blayzer13 wayyy back in the day. Idk if any of y'all would remember me?
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Re: Any Clan Members Still Active?

Post by cleeduz »

I put off getting back into AoE, but spent the last few days watching it on twitch and started looking up AoE4 info... and feel myself getting sucked back in. Good to see some familiar faces are still here! :)
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